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Full Metal Electric Professional Hair Trimmer

Full Metal Electric Professional Hair Trimmer

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This Full Metal Electric Professional Hair Trimmer comes with professional full metal housing. It features 4 nozzles of different lengths to achieve a variety of haircuts. A full charge takes up to 2 hours and provides over 90 minutes of use. The stainless steel blade enables you to achieve the desired length of your haircut, while the 10mm maximum cutting length is ideal for a variety of hairs.


  • Material: Full Metal Housing
  • Number Of Nozzles: 4 Pcs
  • Length Adjustment Method: Change Of Nozzles
  • Battery Charging Time: Up To 2 Hours
  • Battery Life: Over 90 Minutes
  • Item Type: Hair Trimmer
  • Power Type: Mains And Battery Operation
  • Maximum Cutting Length: 10mm
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Minimum Cutting Length: 1mm
  • Blade Width: 45mm
  • Cutter Head Adjustable: 4-gear Fine Tuning
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