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Box Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Grooming Kit

Box Rechargeable Hair Trimmer Grooming Kit

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Get the best trim with the Box Rechargeable Trimmer

  • Close-cutting Blade: Box Rechargeable Trimmer Hair Clipper made high carbon-steel T-blade for lining, designing, and dry shaving Zero gapped for comfortable trimming.
  • Cordless Cutting capability USB Quick Charging: Environmentally friendly lithium battery and provides up to 3 hours of run-time charged through USB charge anyplace & anytime. Makes it ideal for travel and business trips.
  • Ergonomic Design: Small body design, easy to hold in hand, making personal haircuts easier.
  • Powerful Rotary Motor: Won't drag or stall through heavy and thick hair


  • T-Outliner skeleton that offers cordless freedom and convenience
  • Multiple Trendy Hairstyles
  • Sharp blade, safe use without skin damage
  • No more stuck hair - easy clean technology
  • One button start and USB charging
  • Lithium-ion battery offers long life
  • Low Noise: Noise Reduction
  • Close-cutting: carbon-steel T-blade for lining, designing and dry shaving - Zero gaps
  • Cord/cordless operation features an LED light to indicate battery power levels
  • Easy to hold in hand this will be the only trimmer you will ever need in your arsenal.
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