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Top 10 Worst Haircuts With Photos

Top 10 Worst Haircuts With Photos

Your hair can say a lot about you. Typically, you can tell when someone just rolled out of bed, hasn't showered in a while, or took over an hour styling their hair, all by just looking at the top of their head. It is important to take good care of yourself and make a lasting impression on your peers. That’s why we are going to take you through hairstyles you should truly avoid to stay on trend and have others compliment you rather than give you concerning looks. Let’s get started! Here are the top 10 worst haircuts- with photos!



This hairstyle is popular among gentlemen who are experiencing balding on the top of their head. A thinner layer of hair is grown extra long on one side of their head and pushed over to the other side and secured with gel in an attempt to cover their balding. This haircut was popular in the 70’s and 80’s to cover up receding hairlines and is most popular today among older gentlemen. Since then, we’ve come up with alternatives to hiding balding spots and are also more accepting of bald men. Invest in a hair transplant or a hair patch if you truly wanting to keep your hair. But we say ditch the combover and embrace your baldness! Shave it all off! Not only are you saving money from hair systems and the embarrassment of a combover, you may unlock a whole new aspect of attractiveness. Some studies have shown that bald men appear to be more dominant. They look more powerful to the average man and that can come across as very attractive.

2. Brooklyn Fade

The Brooklyn fade was another haircut that took over the early 2000’s and was popular amongst American city boys and fans of the reality TV show Jersey Boys. The sides of this haircut are short and the top is blown out long. Some may say this haircut looks like a helmet while others agree it is not classy or trending anymore. We recommend trimming the top of this haircut to even it out and get rid of the excess height it gives you.

Temple fade (hairstyle) - Wikipedia

3. Rat Tail

The rat tail was popularized in the 80’s and features an extra long strip of hair on the back of the neck. It is usually braided or left in a ponytail while the hair surrounding it is short. Many martial artists had this hairstyle. You may want to shave off the tail and opt for an all-around short haircut instead.

4. Greasy Hair



This haircut is so shiny, it's reflective. The excessive amount of gel is concerning and is hard to take out. The gel makes it look like you haven't showered in a few weeks, being it covers your hair from root to tip. This hairstyle is not seen anywhere other than the odd celebrity at a gala. This hairstyle on women is better accepted as it can elevate their dresses, however, men typically look like they have lego hair when they give it a try. For many, this is a no, and we recommend ditching the mountains of hair gel and sticking to your natural luscious locks, using gel sparingly.

27 Greasy Hair Of A Young Man Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images  - iStock

5. Bowl Cut

A bowl cut looks exactly like it sounds, characterized by having the bottom half of your hair shaved and the top half to look like a solid ring, like someone placed a bowl on the top of your head and trimmed around it. This trend has died out and become the butt of the joke thanks to the internet and memes making fun of it. We say take trimmers and alternatively create a fade.

6. Frosted tips

Frosted tips are sooo early 2000’s and have phased out of popularity. One of the only icons we see in the media with frosted tips is Guy Fieri. For Guy, we will let this slide, but it really is not appealing anymore. This hairstyle of slightly growing out your hair on the top, dying the tips blonde and styling your hair in spikes with gel is not attractive. We recommend subtle blonde highlights, trimming the underneath of your hair, and pushing your hair back in a flow, securing it with gel instead. The surfer haircut is timeless and is a much better hair cut. Not to mention, it's attractive. Many would rather the look of sun kissed hair than artificial looking spikes on the top of your head.

The Internet Can't Get Enough of This Frosted-Tips Newborn

7. The Skrillex

Skrillex is the artist responsible for the popularization of this hairstyle. It involves having one side of your head shaved while the other half remains long. This haircut is hard to grow out and style, creating too much hassle for something with limited appeal. An alternative to this look would be an undercut which is more subtle.

8. Man Bun

This hair cut is definitely debatable and some may not agree it belongs on this list. It has been around for centuries however, in modern times, the man bun has lost its significance. Warriors used to adapt them in battle but now they are simply used in an attempt to look hip. Many women would agree that the man bun is sexy and is effortlessly manly, but only certain individuals can pull it off. If you do not have the desired bone structure or physique, this haircut will look very tacky and unattractive.

Trendy Criminals Beware: Man Buns Will Get You Arrested | GQ

9. The Emo Fringe

This haircut is typically done amongst a certain group of people who are inspired by Emo culture. It was made known in the 2000’s and 2010’s but is no longer popular, maybe for a good reason. It is an edgy fringe and fans of this hairstyle usually dyed their hair black or a color like pink. It's a big no for us.

10. Mullets

Mullets have the potential to look good but if not well maintained, they look really messy and are not classy. This haircut is characterized by having your hair long like a skunk stripe and the sides short. It is the hair equivalent to business in the front, party in the back. Popularized in the 80’s, this hairstyle is still common. It is best to keep a mullet shorter and with a seamless transition from the sides to back. Although we have seen the mullet come in and out of style numerous times, there are some negative connotations to them, one being that violent criminals opt for them, why we would not recommend this haircut. 

50 Modern Mullet Haircut Ideas for Men in 2022 (Short Mullet Long Rattail)

Theres always going to be trends that come and go but some should never come back. Even if you like these hairstyles, it is always best to keep your hair looking clean and well maintained.  Looking for a refresh? Classy Fades has your back with our trimmers! They come complete with a charger, pouch, different clipper sizes and a cleaning brush.